Pass the SACAA PPL (Aeroplane and Helicopter), Restricted Radio, Night Rating and Flight Instructor exams, RAASA NPL exams or EASA PPL exams the first time. There are thousands practise questions in the question bank, that are continually updated. The exams can be taken over and over again with different questions being generated every time. This allows you to thoroughly test yourself before attempting the official exams giving you increased confidence and saving you money.

The results are also displayed straight away so that you can see how well you did. All questions that you got wrong are displayed as well as the correct answer and an explanation of the question. This will help you understand the question and not just know that the question was wrong and what the correct answer is.

The questions have been structured to be as close as possible to the official exams. We have also included detailed explanations of the more difficult questions for your revision.  We also offer groundschool courses that cover also the topics in the syllabus with easy to understand explanations, diagrams and images.

If you have any advice or complaints please send an email to info@morzaviation.com or send us a message from the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Good luck!