Transition to

We’re growing and have started to reach the limitations of our current platform hosted here at As such, we have been developing a brand-new platform and brand which is now available at

This new platform provides a much better user experience and improved performance. We’ve gone through all the suggestions and comments sent from you, our users and considered the issues you’ve had when designing the new platform.

While we transition to, this website ( will remain available (and be updated) and any subscriptions on it will still work. We also won’t retire while there are active subscriptions on the platform. Unfortunately, due to the differences between the two platforms, it is not possible to share user accounts across them. You will need to sign up separately on the new platform and make purchases for subscriptions on it. Those subscriptions will then only be available on and not on

All the content currently available on is already available on Updates to content that exist on both platforms will be applied to both platforms, but new content will only be added to Therefore we recommend that all new purchases be made on and not

This is just the start of something big. The new platform underpinning will allow us to provide many new features in the future, the first of which will be an application (mobile and desktop) to provide offline access to the content you have an active subscription for.

It’s been an exciting ride up to this point, and we thank all of you for making this possible.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on the other side.

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